Human Communication

Interpersonal Organizational Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication

The human communication major is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to pursue careers in a broad range of fields including: human resources, communication sales and management. The human communication major focuses on communication in its broadest sense.

Human Communication BA Course Catalog
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Application Process

Applying to the Program

Admission to UCF constitutes automatic admission to the human communication major.

Students must still complete a change of major form to be removed from the “Comm-Pending” status. This form can be located and submitted through the Nicholson Academic Student Services Center (NASSC) in NSC143. This program does not have a GPA requirement and students do not have to take the Grammar Proficiency or Keyboarding exams.

General Education Program

The General Education (GEP) Communication program is part of the human communication area within the Nicholson School of Communication. Our mission is to build a sustainable general education program, which fully serves both the university curriculum goals and the major programs of the Nicholson School of Communication by offering multiple courses to meet students’ diverse educational needs. Our program supports requirements within the UCF General Education Program Communication Foundation by offering three courses:

  • COM 1000 (Introduction to Communication) is a communication theory survey course, that covers a broad range of oral communication topics including process models; communication apprehension theory; interpersonal, organizational and intercultural communication; ethics of communication; and theories of persuasion. This course is taught in Face-to-Face, Mixed Mode and Web Course sections.
  • SPC 1603 (Fundamentals of Technical Presentation) offers instruction in the theory and practice of oral communication within technology-related professions. The concerns for clarity in highly technical and information-dense messages are stressed. This course is taught in Face-to-Face and Mixed Mode sections.
  • SPC 1608 (Fundamentals of Oral Communication) offers basic instruction in the theory and practice of oral communication with emphasis on the demands of general public speaking for informative and persuasive purposes. This course is taught in Face-to-Face and Mixed Mode sections.

Instructional Videos

The 4 Cs of Extemporaneous Delivery
Making PowerPoint Work For You a NSC in-house video produced by Jim Katt (Time = 14:24)


Internships Begin Successful Careers

Internships are often the beginning of our students successful careers. The majority of internships can be taken for academic credit and the academic department helps find, approves the internship and supervises the intern.
The human communication internship information packet, which includes all of the relevant paperwork and application form can be downloaded here. We strongly encourage any interested applicants to read the packet and speak with a faculty member before pursuing an internship.

Human Communication Packet.pdf